Woah, times flies by when your a driver of a train eh? Well, not really driving a train but life is steaming on and sometimes its hard to keep up with it I find!

I never realised before running our own Company, how busy life gets behind the scenes. Sure I had heard of loads of people complaining about paperwork and planning etc but its not until you experience these things that you realise quite how much time and brainpower gets sucked away! Thats how its been over the last few weeks.

On the plus side things have been going well for the business and we continue to keep our heads above water which is always a positive! So much so we have committed to investing in a ‘Camper Van’ that will enable us to roam freely around the country and hopefully for me to go on overnight excursions to far flung areas capturing early morning sunrises and late night sets and re-ignite my love of landscaping. The genre has taken a bit of a back seat lately given the gorgeous demands of commercial efforts and lovely people to photograph! Watch this space for further news and hopefully pics of our home from home!

The commercial world is a bit quieter photographically currently but I am not too concerned as most of the country seem to have decided to escape rioting and market crashes to head off for sunnier climes. However, yesterday we took this chance to hang the 6 beautiful landscape acrylic mounted images we produced for a lovely company here in Bristol. I must admit (is one allowed a bit of self congratulatory praise here?) that fully hung and placed carefully on walls in said office that they do look absolutely stunning. We think that maybe a small note about each image may add the final touch to a gorgeous display!

I am also in the process of giving the website an uplift. I think there are too many images on there and some weeding is needed. I am already adding touches to my ‘lyric’ project and that is already starting to look better. The addition of the handwritten lyrics to the base of each image gives the project overall a much better symbiotic relationship. Afterall, the two are meant to be viewed in conjunction with each other not separately. The attached image shows the gorgeous Anita DeBauche nude but being supported!

Finally, I am producing some odd bits of marketing collateral to hand out to potential businesses that may require our services and these are hopefully going to look very inviting and irresistible to anyone who comes into contact with them!!

Photographically life is a bit slower at this time but nothing stops for summer holidays in this neck of the woods (that just means we are going away later in the year!).

A lyric project update with written words added


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