Lazy Dayzzzzz………..

Well, not done much in the last few days. Been far too lazy…!

Done some processing testing for the shoot this coming week and have confirmed model (the gorgeous Sarah), Hotel, assistant (Alma) and we are in the process of ordering some good weather! The ideas we are coming up with are going to look good and we will have to just think on our feet regarding the location (which is going to be awesome). Once we get into it the different shots themselves will flow. We have a few set shots we want to do and then we will ad lib from there.  With the number of ideas and brains we have there we will not be short of ideas!

The big power pack arrived in the week and it is everything we hoped it would be. It is small enough to be portable but at the same time it carries enough juice to fire the Elinchroms with quick recycling times. It is important to obtain a power source that is consistent and pure so as not to expensively damage the internal delicacies of the flash head itself.

On Friday I visited an agency that I hope will provide some really good and important work for us in the coming months. The future for both them and us looks really exciting and I can’t wait to start working with them soon.

On my way back from that meeting I received a call from the big retailer in London to confirm they will be in touch in the next couple of weeks to finalise the photography required by them in launching their new range later in the year.

Having had a big night on the sauce last night in Bristol with some lovely people, we decided that today was a fried brekkie and British Open on the telly day. Brilliant to see such a true gent and sportsman as Darren Clarke win such a major prize so late on in his career. Never has one man deserved such a sparkling win. To maintain such cool for so long was a true achievement in itself. Hats off and bottoms up to you Mr C!

Further tests of retro processing


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