Retro Processing

It has been such a hectic week and I have almost nothing to show for it shoot wise! Grrr…. what a pain in the arse. The week has totally flown by and yet again I find myself wondering what happened to that last 5 days of my life?

The weekend was uneventful but really cool, spending time with the loved ones that fill my life so completely. I also had a chance to plan a new shoot. I have been given the opportunity to develop an idea around an advert for an acoustic guitar. The brand is pretty well known amongst the guitar playing fraternity in the UK but hasn’t done much advertising over the recent years. However, it has been around for quite a while in the UK slowly developing a good and loyal following.

Now, the owner of the distribution licence came to me with a retro 70s kinda shoot for the guitar itself and a kind of VW split screen retro surf look. I took the idea which is currently en vogue and added a sexy young girly into the frame (so to speak). I was chancing my arm a little but hey, this is art and marketing! I put it to my client/old buddy and he not only endorsed the idea, he loved it! So, I quickly sourced a totally appropriate model, and made sure she was free, within a few hours, we had the whole shoot arranged and booked up!

Next week we head off for a two day spree to the south Devon coast, with a suitable sexy model, an assistant and me! Now, don’t get me wrong, we are a million miles away from the finished product but I am delighted that Alma is joining me as my Asst. as she is bright, fresh out of photo college and above all, really talented. She will help to come up with some suitably cool shoot ideas and hopefully will be a total inspiration to all of us. We plan to head down there in the early evening and shoot pretty much all day the next day from sun-rise! No drinking the night before then huh?

Now, I did have a slight problem with location shooting that may well prove to be a familiar one for a lot of togs with studio lights but no location lights other than speedlights (flash guns). After much thought I have decided to go for a solution that provides me with what I think is total flexibility. Essentially, I have ordered a super powerpack that my studio lights plug straight into. The Innovatronix Explorer XT SE allows me to use my main powerful 500 watt heads outdoors on location. I will let you know how I get on after the shoot. I am VERY excited about this as it will be a test of shooting and of processing. I have developed an idea that has a retro feel and this is an example here.

Retro Processed Holly in proverbial corn field!







My other task this week was to update my website with the lovely Old Rectory Garden shots which I have now completed and sent out to my contacts. I also am processing the final “Hard Rock Calling” shots taken at the Hyde Park gig of The Kaiser Chiefs which are coming along very nicely.

Check back soon for more thrilling updates!

Ricky Wilson of the Kaiser Chiefs at Hard Rock Calling, Hyde Park, London


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