Wembley and New Shoots!

Monday we had a delightful ‘day-off’! We took care of some personal business and then headed across the country to tackle the mighty Wembley Stadium and traffic. The reason? Well, we and 85,411 other people had tickets to go and see the huge Take That Progress Tour. The eagle eyed among you will quickly realise that I had already seen this show, and I had. However, not with a stadium full and not from the punters perspective (as it were and not trying to sound too nobby!).

We decided that as we had the day, we would mosey on up really early and take our time. The last trip up we had was for Coldplay and we really got ourselves into all sorts of bother with the traffic and the parking arrangements. So, we arrived hours before the gig, parked in an ‘unofficial’ area (for which we were relieved of £20!) and then wandered around the delights that Wembley centre had to offer. Which, as you will know, isn’t much so we did what comes naturally and hit the pub for an hour or so!

After some food we decided to try and get an unreserved seat and good position for the gig and go into the stadium and soak up the atmosphere. We weren’t alone in being early! The place was packed with middle aged ladies dressed up and in some TT attire or another. I felt a bit out of place being a guy and not really a fan. Anyway, we waited and relieved ourselves of a huge amount of cash for beer and soft drinks and snacks etc! (Come on Wembley, £10 for 2 bottles of Carlsberg??) Things got underway with The Pet Shop Boys and their weird coloured block stage show, which many thought were a strange choice but I was quite happy with. They have a string of hits and are as static as TT are mobile so they didn’t detract from the main event.

The main show is awesome to say the least. It is such a shame the Musical Director could not get us Press Tickets so I could shoot this event properly! He hoped he would be able to persuade the Management team but obviously he hasn’t been able to. We are gutted. Anyway, we watched in awe as the ‘boys’ strutted their stuff and sang all the old classics and some of the new, soon to be, classics! All too soon it was over and we left, swiftly getting away from the venue and onto the M4 home. We got back easily and had a wonderful day. Probably like about 85,000 other people!

The last two days have been spent on processing and admin. Jobs continue to come our way which is really, really positive! I have received several enquiries from various sources and have been so motivated I might even have a spare day to organise more of my ‘lyrics’ shots!!

The James shots are all but finished and now I have to start on the Kaiser Chiefs set and see what classics we have in there!

Ho hum…..radio show now….its all go!!

Take That on Stage at Wembley Stadium


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