Monday started oh so well. I had to travel to Bath to discuss some regulatory stuff about the website business we are currently looking at. I wasn’t looking forward to it as I really thought this might be the big ‘something’ in the whole plan that might prove to be a hurdle too far. I met with Jeanette and we headed off to a suitable coffee house. Refreshments in hand she proceeded to inform me that not only was my proposal not too difficult but I was making it even more tricky than it really had to be! But “this is the FSA” I cried, but she would have none of it. It was easy, easy as pie. Stop being so concerned! This from a Compliance Director!! Cool.

With a spring in my step I headed off to visit a Marketing Agency to discuss this business idea. I met them in a building in Bath Spa called “The Dispensary”. I kid you not, I could have spent all day just looking at the building. The attached photo is a mobile upload of the meeting room we met in. It was quite the coolest room I have ever held a business meeting in. It was simply ace. As was the whole building. Its history is that it was the first ever free dispensing chemist in the UK! It’s Board Room is the dispensary room itself. Amazing and brilliant. The meeting went well and I hope to hear from the agency about photography as well as the idea as well!

Sometimes we all have to undertake the less cool things in life as otherwise our taps would drip constantly and our food wouldn’t taste the same from dirty crockery etc. Well, Tuesday was a bit like that. I spent 3 wasted hours waiting for my car to have its brakes done while I merrily sent personal emails from my laptop whilst drinking the obligatory Earl Grey. In the afternoon I went to South Wales to discuss the photography ideas we had around the brief we were given a few weeks before. They seemed to be well received but it is a long road and I hope we will hear positive news shortly.

Wednesday saw me visiting our accountant to discuss the normal accountancy things that make the world tick and our businesses survive, hopefully! Rod is a really great bloke and we had a good chat. I do love meeting people and chatting, I wish there was more time in the day! I managed to finish the processing of Claire totally and have put together a whole slideshow with music for her. She arrives tomorrow to see the whole thing played out on a 27″ iMac with masshoof speakers! I really hope she likes them as much as I do. I have played the images time after time and I know I am like an artist that wants to continually tinker with each image but really, although I say it myself, I absolutely love the set. One or two are stunning, really stunning. I hope she loves them. She is excited so it will be a rank shame if she doesn’t!

I played a game of Badminton that I haven’t played for many many years. I haven’t lost it. I was good before and I still love the game, however, the fitness isn’t quite what it used to be! I hope to continue this along with my new found fitness and weight loss regime! I came home and then we went to do our Radio show last night, same drudgery in that we have a fantastic facility with a great product but absolutely no marketing and no decent website etc. Its frustrating cos the guy that runs it is so passionate and a really good broadcaster, they just need to get their act together. Familiar?

Today I did something that I haven’t done since I was very young, foolish and naive! I overslept! I didn’t have anything to go and do but 10.50am! Heehee, boy did I feel guilty. Ho Hum. This afternoon I went to the studio we have hired to complete the big agency shoot we have next tuesday. Wow, what a great place. A brilliant studio and the guy that runs it is very similar to me. Left another career to undertake the wonder of photography and is hopefully making a success of it! All is good there and he has an iMac so I can shoot tethered for the client to watch and see. Now tethering. I paid £28 for a 20m USB cable with boosters and the lot. Guess what? It doesn’t work!! Damnit. Now what? Bugger. I need to be able to shoot tethered. Sod it lots and a visit first thing is required to the sellers to take the said lead back. Bloody useless and these tech issues are starting to hack me off big time. So much time wasted dealing with them all. Grrrr…..

Tonight I have spent many hours processing the Hotel Garden images and have done most of them. I hope to be able to send them a disk tomorrow that has all the images they need for their website and other collateral. I am pleased with these and they look really good. I also heard back on the QT that the images taken the other day were well received by the appropriate agency. This is really important info and I am really pleased as I was happy with them myself which means we are all on the same hymn sheet.

Now just to decide how to overcome tethering issues…….



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