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Well a great end to the week was had when we we realised that we had made our client happy on the agency shoot we had completed earlier in the week. I converted all the acceptable images taken into a funky black and white format as the Agency had stated they wanted and personally dropped them off. The Agency aren’t far away and I was out that way anyway. The Director seemed to be pleased with them and also said that images like those helped them to decide how best to market the company as it often helped to draw out the character of the individuals and assisted in the creative process. I had never thought of it that way but I agree entirely. Business is all about people, selling your skills is all about people so anything that really captures what you and your business are truly about has got to be a really positive thing!

The other piece of good news was that another company we have done work for liked an idea we put to them a week or so ago for one of their products. It was something I worked on with a friend and between us we came up with a funky idea and a cool approach for an advert. The client have put it to their sales team and they are quite interested. We find out more on Tuesday. We also were given another brief and I did get some professional help for these with ideas and ‘scamps’ coming from a really good friend and acquaintance. Well, he came back with 3-4 ideas of which one is really really cool! It captures everything we would want it to, would be applicable to totally different audiences in different ways and would be so much fun to do! I meet with the client as I said on Tuesday this week so fingers crossed on this one. It could be a fantastic opportunity all round to really develop these ideas and shoot some brilliant ads. Whats more, we also have some ways that these could be self funding meaning the budgets of the client will not have to be too stretched if at all!

On a personal note I have nearly finished the processing of the delightful and beautiful Claire Richardson from a couple of weeks back. She has been very patient waiting and I hope to deliver them to her one evening this week. I really hope she loves them as much as I do. One or two are stand out, which is common for me to think, but it often isn’t the images I like the most that the clients do. I suppose it would be weird if it always was but I am sometimes surprised as you do get an insight into a persons soul when you shoot for 4 hours or so. It never ceases to intrigue me how well you can read a persons whole attitude to life by watching and observing their postures, demeanour and candour during a shoot. Some appear terribly nervous at first but may display deep inner confidence and determination when you get into the shoot. Others appear full of beans and even cocky but underneath you spot a lot of self doubt and gestures and glimpses that don’t match the obvious character they are displaying. Now don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying you become a mind reader and can tell everything about somebody but if I do the job well and a shoot goes well, I feel I have connected with the sitter. If I have connected, then I have become closer to them than most others would in a much longer timeframe! A bold statement but a true one I think. I am sure there are studies about these things but I expect I am not the first to say this.

Anyway, I took a few shots of Rob who was lounging around at the same time and was keen and up for it and he really liked the aggressive ‘Dragan’ effect processing on images. Well, I took an appropriate, simple, one light shot and processed it like the great Polish master himself. Wowee, it is an awesome effect indeed! Incredible. I loved it so much I even processed this image in a similar style to see if it worked with a younger subject and I think it does. Again, maybe there is a beauty here that only I am seeing but I am going to experiment with this some more! Fully blown up images in this style simply stun the eye with their detail. They are cool and gorgeous to look at in every way. The eyes of the subject tear through you, the viewer, with an intensity that is difficult to get in other portraits.

Mack Ellis


Click the image and view at full res for an eye popping experience!


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