Weekend was spent pretty much frantically processing for all I am worth! The Olly Murs Gallery should be up later tonight on the website. Well overdue but good things always take time to mature. There are one or two belting images that I am very proud of in there! Really very pleased overall with the shoot despite the tiny amount of time I had to complete my mission (8 Minutes!).

Saturday evening was spent celebrating a friend’s birthday and although we started out with the best of intentions the evening became almost as dark as the weather as we were gently asked to leave Wetherspoons as one of our party had ‘had enough’ can you believe! They were right though so we headed for a gentle stroll in the lashing rain to find a pool table and a more relaxed atmosphere. We did the crazy curry late at night thing and ended up tired, fatter and extremely wet!

Sunday was spent chilling. Aren’t Sundays meant for that? Chillin’? Well, we did that and the most strenuous we became was cooking a delicious roast chicken evening meal in between processing and watching the latest episode of Shadowline on BBC. Wow, is anyone else watching that? It is fantastic! It was also during the weekend that I saw the incredible new Kronenburg advert with Madness. It is cool, they are cool and I am not sure why it seemed to strike a chord with me. But it did and I love it…

I finished off processing the¬†portrait photographs I took of the Proprietors of The Old Rectory Hotel, Sam and Huw, today. They are now in their hands, or on their computer and I hope to see them uploaded onto their brand new website very soon. As always on cool shoots, we did have a bit of a laugh and there were one or two images that probably won’t end up on their site but might well raise a chuckle when they see them.

I was wondering about a total re-organisation of my website? It has too many Galleries in too few sub-divisions. It’s hard to work out what works best though. I think I will have a good think about it tonight and maybe start it tomorrow evening when I might have a bit more time. It does seem that I am working quite a few hours a week at the moment but then, I am enjoying it and therefore it doesn’t feel like work really. I promise I can’t wait to get to your images next Claire but I do have a shoot tomorrow for a firm of Architects! Oh god………………. I am soooo tired………………..Zzzzzzz……………

Huw Rees

Huw in a lighter moment during our shoot!


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