Shooting Stars!

So much news so little time!

Last weekend was a blur of tiredness following the Take That gig and soooo little sleep. We had a little BBQ and drinkies for the Champions League Final and an ultimately fruitless support of the mighty Man Utd. Mighty it was until we came up against unarguably the best club side for several decades. Possibly of the century. Barcelona are a totally awesome side and have re-written the rule book of football in the modern age. Nuff said!

Claire Richardson

The amazingly graceful Claire

Monday was spent shooting a delightful and gorgeous ‘model’ I had been hassling for some time to pose and generally show off for me. We travelled to meet the lovely Claire (Richardson) and her new Beau and equally lovely, Rob at Claire’s home in Wiltshire. Despite two lunatic doggies we set up and set about shooting Claire in various poses and outfits. We definitely saved the best till last when we persuaded her to grunge up the make-up and hair to appear in a totally wicked session egged on by the ever supportive Rob! Results are yet to be properly processed but a more sedate teaser appears here.

Tuesday saw me spending the morning in Bath meeting a business partner to discuss our whizzo and totally exciting business idea that we hope to bring to market towards the end of the year/early 2012. Huge amounts of work needs to now take place but look out for further updates. The afternoon was very fruitful with a huge amount of admin and general catching up and chasing of fees etc being undertaken.

Wednesday was a hugely entertaining day spent writing up the first efforts on the business report and spending time with the kids who are on their half term break. It is so wonderful to spend time with people who mean the whole world to you and yet make you so proud and full of admiration. We had a really cool day even though I did tons of work, and they revised and did the jobs they had to do! I love you Mack and Holly.

Yesterday was an early start to high tail it down to North Devon to spend the day with the lovely Huw and Sam of The Old Rectory Hotel. My brief was to take some really good pics of the Hotel from outside and to do some kind of justice to the stunning gardens. I sat outside on the grass in the blazing sun, lining up another angle with the pond and bridge in the foreground and realised how totally lucky I am to have such a cool job. It was a real pleasure to spend time in the lovely Devon countryside with only the bees and birds for company. The afternoon was spent with the guys, giggling and taking some really cool portraits both outside and in whilst messing with courgettes and totally inappropriate conversation!  I got home just before 8pm meaning a long and tiring day but such another enjoyable one.

This morning saw me in Bristol with a firm of consulting psychologists (not on any personal mission you understand!). I love moments like today when I was shown into the building by the most attractive girl I have seen for some time (apart from Hels obviously!). It is soo uplifting to have your breath taken away by someone and hopefully one day I will pluck up the courage to ask her if I can possibly have the pleasure of taking her photograph! Keep an eye out for an update as I hope to be working with this firm on the exciting business project so you never know until you try!

This afternoon I met up with my good pal and Marketing Guru extraordinaire Steve Coleman who, like me, has so many exciting projects in the offing that if they all come off will never have time to deal with them all. But as we all know, he will find it somehow and somewhere. Steve gives me loads of helpful advice and ideas and I can see us working closer in the future as our paths will become more closely linked.

A successful week and a totally fulfilling and enjoyable one. Oh and the stars of the title?Why, my subjects of the week of course, Claire, (Rob a bit), Sam and Huw. Huge love and respect to you and hopefully I will be able to produce the images that capture your natural charisma.


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