FIFA Bidding ‘Surprise’

Well, I have just heard on the news that Lord Triesman has accused four FIFA Execs of seeking ‘bribes’ from the bidding countries for World Cup 2018. Well, correct me if I am wrong but is anyone actually surprised? Did anyone EVER think that Russia or Qatar won the thing on merit? That it these were the best bids in any shape or form? Come on folks. We weren’t born yesterday were we? I know that in this world of correctness and the ever desperate fear of legal action we aren’t really allowed to say it, but really? Are we in anyway surprised? Surely we all pretty much summed it up in our own heads the minute the announcement was made. The ‘Officials’ putting the bid together were shocked but I don’t think any of the general public were. For how long in the UK do we all have to keep playing by the rules and losing out before we realise that it is a nasty and dog eat dog world out there. The world will NEVER EVER be a peaceful, thoughtful, caring, compassionate or fair place. WAKE UP! While we ‘play by the rules’ virtually everybody else out there doesn’t. I am sick of our weak willed attitude and ‘holier than thou’ approach to almost everything in this country. Everyone else smirks and chuckles while making sure they win the contracts and bids and everything else. The EU must have a HUGE giggle at the UK and believe that at sometime we will wake up and smell the coffee. I bet they can’t believe we still fall for the same old tosh year in year out!

When one of our massive UK company’s win contracts overseas do you think they are won ‘fairly’? Really? Then a few years down the line Panorama investigates and we are all shocked and upset that a UK company would DARE bend the rules and the CEO resigns and another good leader bites the dust. Then we get a rule abider and the company struggles!


Rant over and yes, I do feel better now thanks….

Onto things photography like here are a couple of shots of the absolutely gorgeous Danielle Watson of This is England and This is England ’86 fame. We did a 4 hour shoot in London and we were delighted with the results!

Danielle Watson

Danielle Watson Portrait

Danielle Watson

Danielle Watson from 'This is England'


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