Ups & Downs

Well its the weekend after a rather up and down week. Running your own business has some interesting crests and falls along the way and after twelve months things seem to be going well. It doesn’t stop the odd ‘quiet’ period from getting under the skin and making you wonder whether things are going to be ok again! They will be and a day later and a couple of productive meetings and things take on a different perspective and the world is the right way up again. We have decided to have a month of portrait ‘special’ offers and will advertise locally to promote it just to keep the wheels turning in the positive. I do enjoy these sessions hugely anyway and they always throw up interesting challenges and exciting opportunities.

The other exciting news is that we may well be basing ourselves in a different place in the near future that will offer more room and more opportunity for expansion including the desirable chance of a bigger studio. The ideal location would also see us being smack in the middle of a small creative site largely occupied by marketing and creative agencies. Interesting times ahead indeed!

I have also decided to add to my ‘lyrics’ project by photographing another in the series and have made enquiries about one of my more interesting and challenging ideas! I do however need a good MUA and will be sourcing one over the next few days. Keep a watch out for this next instalment. The project itself has stalled a bit lately due mainly to the increased recent work flow but I should keep pushing forward with it.

We went out last night to a gig at The Fleece in Bristol to see Wilko Johnson. Now, that guy and Norman Watt-Roy are totally amazing. I last saw them in Weymouth probably around 1982 in a dingy basement and remember being totally blown away by both the incredible sounds Wilko manages to get from a guitar but also by his and Norman’s manic stage presence. I am glad to say that their incredible blend of rock and attitude has not left them and they totally blew me away again nearly 30 years later!

We have now seen some rain at last in this sunny area of Wiltshire and I really hope we get to see some more spectacular thunderstorms. Who knows, we may even get the chance to photograph some…keep watching, you never know.


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