Some New Tears

Ah but do I mean tears or tears? The eye dribble or the thing you do to the hugely annoying direct mail rubbish you get through the door every day? Well, I mean tears. Well, what is known in the advertising/publishing industry as tear-sheets to be more precise. These are things that that are metaphorically ‘ripped’ out of a mag or other such publication that showcases your work. Here let me show you…

Roland GR-55

The new Roland GR-55 Advert

This advert appeared in the latest May 2011 edition of Play Music Pickup magazine and advertises the hugely feature-rich guitar synthesiser released by Roland, the GR-55. It has immediately become the benchmark for guitar synths and is starting to be used by some of the top guitarists in the world. The advert is important to me and us here at Ellis Imagery because the photograph showing off the gorgeous and sexy looking GR-55 was taken and provided by…yep, you guessed it…us! I have to say that for a very straightforward product shot, the ad works well and is simple in both design and message. It has a kinda, ‘does what it says on the tin’ feel about it.

Now, that is all well and good and always nice to see your work in print etc etc but we were also excited by this little number produced by the Alex Hutchings/Laney team… This example is a little more battered as it survived a return trip from Frankfurt Music Show where they were being freely distributed. Alex is such a cool and lovely guy, his gorgeousness is only bettered by his amazing guitar playing and he is becoming known the world over for his prowess. Small wonder that Laney and Roland themselves use him often to demo their brilliant kit! We shot this particular image high up at the edge of Salisbury Plain on the Cherhill Downs on a very chilly but gorgeous winters evening.

Laney and Alex Hutchings

Alex Hutchings demos Laney

So the upshot of all this is that we have no tears before bedtime but we do have some nice little tears from recent publications that showcase our wonderful photographic skills and stuff! A lot less painful and a lot more enjoyable.


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