Royal Wedding

It can’t be allowed to go by without a comment on the old blogeroonie. I didn’t travel to London to be with the crowds and watch the Royal event of the decade. I am not particularly for or against the Royals. We did however, watch the whole thing on the television and were left slightly overawed at all the ritual and pomp that surrounds such an event. The organisation, the expense, the beauty on show, has to make the whole thing a winner? Doesn’t it? I have to say that the whole day was made worthwhile by Pippa Middleton and her bridesmaid/Maid of Honour attire.

Pippa middleton

Pippa Middleton, grace and beauty

I realise that we at our little party were not the only males in the land secretly admiring her ‘simple’ dress. In fact, I have not known so many males in one room take quite such an interest in the fashion world before. Well done her, and well done pretty much everybody for a great day. My only little gripe about the whole proceedings is that I really do not like to be told by idiotic ‘guest’ presenters on the BBC that the nature of this wedding shows us that the ‘new’ Royals are much more like us and that it contained much less stuffiness and much less grandeur!! For goodness sake, it is what it is, a ridiculous display of enormous wealth and decadence, please do not insult us by trying to pretend that it is anything like what MY wedding will be like next year. It wasn’t, it isn’t and it never will be. After all, isn’t that the point?

Anyway, generally quiet week on the old photography side and much time has again been spent working on admin, marketing and site updates etc.

Please visit the Gallery here for all things Jessie J and Rene Woollard. Rene has also confirmed this week that we are on for the Olly Murs gig in a few weeks time in Bristol so that should be a good’un. He also said that we might even grab a few drinks after the show so that will be brill to spend time with him again. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the Elbow/Potter/Godin ad which will be in all good guitar mags in the next few weeks.

I sent off some pics to the Tom Daley TV  website so they might have a few pics up on their website, however, they already have some of the mightily talented Rogan Thomson’s up so there might be a bit of duplication in a couple of them!

Next week looks like being an interesting one from an Ellis Imagery standpoint so I will keep you posted as always. I leave you with the Edden Jones CD cover recently released following our great session a few months back…

Edden Jones

Edden Jones' "As you Were"


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One Response to Royal Wedding

  1. Barb says:

    It was the best wedding in three decades. 🙂 However, my little sister found a pretty dress with a much longer train for her wedding at a whole sale place for a very cheap price. But then, she deserved to be princess for the day too. Seriously, I wish all the best to the Prince and Princess!

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