At the weekend we went to a friends wedding and for once I was able to carry my camera because I wanted to and not because I HAD to. This meant I was able to enjoy the whole day with no pressure to deliver (not that I ever do Weddings anyway) and I could merely shoot whatever took my fancy. I strapped my 85mm f1.4 Sigma to my 5D II and just took some ‘snaps’ of friends and loved ones etc. Oh ok, I did manage to see the Bride was left alone for 3 minutes and I managed to grab a few frames before she wilted.

Needless to say we all had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the favourable weather and gorgeous venue. The wedding ‘tog, by the way, carried with her not one but two assistants and between them I think they probably covered the whole event pretty well. You couldn’t blink for cameras! They only sported Nikon’s though so they couldn’t have been that good!

Sunday I spent a little time trying to find the Red Kite’s that frequent a field behind where we were staying and having strapped my 2X convertor to the 7D and added the hired 300mm, I reckoned on having a whopping 960mm of telephoto lens at my disposal, fully auto-focusing and f5.6 at its fastest. All was great before I realised the sun was directly in my face and the pesky Red Kite’s were nowhere to be seen!! Never did like birding all that much….

I did a silly thing when at the diving and that was deleting the files on the compact flash card before I had saved them onto my laptop. So, I have today been trying to save the files via Rescue PRO. Now, maybe I am being a bit silly but the Rescue PRO software I have that came free with the card will not load onto my mac. When I chased Sandisk they said I had an old version that wasn’t compatible with Snow Leopard and I would either have to purchase a new card or buy the new software!! The bloody cheek…I already had the goddamn program and expected a free update. Seriously not happy. Anyway, problem more or less solved when I realised I could re-load the program onto my old Windows PC and save the files that way! Bit drawn out but saved them and all is good in the Ellis Imagery world now.

Hayley Harvey

The new Mrs Harvey


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