Hooray, I have now officially finished the Jessie J/Rene Woollard/Godin Guitar shoot. Taken me pretty much all day and will take me till next week to get them up on my website but another two for you to be going on with! I particularly like a few of them that won’t be much good for Godin but are pretty cool photo’s of the gig.

I have, as usual, spent some time over the processing of them and am just mad for the slide and print filters from yesteryear. Some of the cross processing effects are to die for and I am able to pretty much juggle with tone and colour to my hearts content. I am really slow on the first few pics but once I get hooked into the ‘vibe’ then I can pretty much get the looks I see in my head relatively quickly.

Rene especially looks so cool in some of these, he is so good looking and fit etc that it is hard not to make him look cool but like all great artistes, he carries that certain something else with him…I must persuade both him and Godin that a studio session should be in order!

Rene has also confirmed that he is playing for Olly Murs next month on his tour next month and that we can get in at the Colston Hall in Bristol this time which should give us much more room and space! I think I might trial a couple of alternative methods for that shoot too…..

I am strangely excited about the 300mm f2.8 arriving tomorrow, I guess its boys toys stuff but I am looking forward to getting my hands on it. Mmmmm…

Rene Woollard Godin

Rene Woollard with some cross-processing

Jessie J

Jessie J in mono

Rene Woollard

Rene Woollard and his Godin


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