Video and Paperwork

Yesterday I spent most of the morning trying to shoot a video of a Champagne flute full of, well, yes……you guessed it, Champagne! Now, it all sounds quite easy doesn’t it? Whats your problem? Fill up a glass with said Champers and then mount your wonderful HD video camera on a tripod and shoot the glass fizzing nicely?! Well, yep, exactly what I thought, only, as ever, it is not quite as straight forward as all that.

Firstly I had the problem of getting close enough to the glass so that nothing else is in the shot. I also had to limit depth of field as I didn’t want to see the background. So after much toing and froing, I settled on the Canon 7D and a 70-200mm zoomed in to almost max 200mm (I now realise why I need a macro lens!).

Second, and by far my most difficult problem, was the reflections on the glass once you are close up. Being glass, curved and highly reflective, goddamn it, EVERYTHING bounces back onto the surface. So, solution? Well…I have a light tent and can put in a black background…nope, fail. Everything at the front of the tent reflects and to light it was difficult as it looks way too harsh. Seems to be far harder than the problem we were having with flash and stills.

Anyway, just as I was about to despair and give up, I thought of the old, place glass in front of a small soft-box, fully on at 150w so that the background is totally white! A quick kelvin adjustment on the white balance and off we went. I have no video software so had to send it to the client in wrong orientation and with the need for some slight brightening but other than that, job done. Why oh why did I not think of that in the first place? It is such an easy and ‘done’ thing!! Grrr…

The rest of the day was spent on admin and accreditation forms etc. Today I have done some emails and booked a train ticket for London tomorrow and my visit to Covent Garden. Now, where is that ebay seller with 100mm macro lenses!!


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