Elbow Photo’s on Website Now!

This afternoon has mostly been taken up with uploading the brilliant Elbow images to a new gallery in my website here http://www.ellisimagery.co.uk/gallery_413295.html. I hope you agree they are pretty flippin’ awesome?! As a reminder, we were given access to two of the “Build a Rocket Boys” shows (Birmingham NIA and Cardiff CIA) and a sound check to take photograph’s of Mark (Potter, guitarist) for Godin Guitars and Blue Rock Distribution who make these wonderful instruments available in the UK.

This meant also being able to be in the ‘pit’ for the first three songs of each show resulting many a great pic can be made!

The REAL brilliant thing was being at the after gig party with Mark, Guy Garvey et al in Cardiff and making a truly great friend in a couple of frenetic and busy days. The guys are amazing and thanks go to Mark obviously and to Tom Piper, Elbow’s long serving Manager and the rest of the team for making us so welcome and accommodating our needs…

We are really looking forward to meeting up again in the coming weeks/months to do another slightly ‘different’ shoot so watch this space….

Mark Potter playing Godin Montreal

Mark with his Godin

Guy Garvey of Elbow

Guy Garvey surveys the scene


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