Jessie J Shoot

Attached shot is an early edit of the shoot we did last night of Jessie J’s gig at the O2 Academy in Bristol.

We gained access to the sound check at around 4pm having met up with Guitarist, Rene in the amazingly populated pub, The Hatchet, a little earlier. (It is really worth a visit for people watching purposes). Rene Woollard is everything a successful guitarist should be, cool, handsome, suave and totally lovely. I was slightly amused before we met him to find a bunch of teens hanging out at the back of the O2 hoping for a glimpse of Jessie when little did they know that I said “Hi” to her in the pub opposite two minutes later!

The photography at the sound check was blighted with tricky light and the engineers fitting a black screen at the front of the stage. It is frustrating when this kinda thing happens but you have to be pretty invisible to the guys setting up all around you. Keeping a watchful eye/ear out for any tension is always a good tip too as getting in the way then can lead to a pretty swift ejection!!

We were still not guaranteed a Press Pass for the “Pit” during the show, but left to grab some dinner and were delighted to be joined by Rene for our meal. He is a top guy and will be playing for Olly Murs’ up coming tour in a few weeks time.

Rene & Jessie J

Rene playing the Godin

We got the nod on the Press Pass and headed back to the Academy to find the place packed full of fervent fans. We fought our way (literally) through the throng to the front where we awaited the beginning of the show. In a flurry of activity, she started, the curtain fell, we were ushered in and three short songs later, it was over! The end of press shooting. My only regret was that Jessie stared right down my lens twice and both times, as I had my 70-200mm glass on, I missed her as she was too close for focus! These things happen and you can only shrug, my other camera with appropriate 24-70mm was on my other shoulder! We stayed for most of Jessie’s electrifying set – and wow, that girl can sing…..she has an amazing voice and its good to see a pop artist actually playing and singing properly live.

After the show we headed back to the wonderful pub where we were joined by Rene and Phil (the Bassist) and all too soon our lift arrived for our departure.

Another fantastic night and hopefully another successful shoot for Godin guitars. It really is a massive privilege to be involved with such a great brand of guitar. These pro’s truly adore the tone and craftsmanship of the equipment which really makes the job more enjoyable. Our evening ended in a slightly messy way in our local……….

Jessie J

Jessie J giving it her all


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