OK, so picked up a small flash diffuser called a Sto-Fen Omni-Bounce. Tried it out very quickly and wowee, much better than my homemade efforts! Light is sooo soft now.

Final thoughts (and cleaning) of lenses needed for this afternoon and tonight’s Jessie J gig – trying to cut down on weight as we are travelling by train but don’t want to miss a great shot cos I was too lazy! Well, not lazy but trying to protect my poorly back you understand…. Not sure what to expect from the pics, really hoping we get proper and good access as anything else will be pants. Heard yesterday that apparently the Godin guitar the guy is playing (and I need to photograph) was damaged by the lighting guys!! Hope not too badly but hey, I guess thats Rock ‘n Roll.

Received a call from an agency this morning for a small job which might be interesting technically, waiting for a return call to accept the quote and then it needs to be done by next tuesday. Thats the thing with these jobs, never any time to prepare and think about it which keeps the mind focused and the results more spontaneous, which isn’t always a bad thing.

Oh and I love the Mumford and Sons album………hmmmmm hmmmmmm hmmmmmm..


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