So, today I downloaded a very smart looking little gif file that displays on my screen and helps me to fine-tune my focus on each of my lenses, on each camera! So, given I have 4 lenses and two working cameras that’ll be eight micro-adjustments then? Yep, you have it. The cameras are clever in that they always remember what adjustment you made for each lens. However, adjusting them is quite a complicated business.

After a few hours of really tight fine tuning, a bit of trial and error and tweaking, I find that all my lenses were pretty much spot on in the first place! Grrr…..or, as I am now contemplating, have I done the adjustments wrong? I changed my Sigma 85mm by -7 on the 7D, that was by far the biggest adjustment made. Gonna re-check it though cos if its a smidge out, it will show up as soft at its widest aperture of f1.4….

Its a fun and exciting life ya know.

Oh well, the Jessie J gig confirmed with some details, so off we go tomorrow afternoon, with some info not really nailed down so it might be a real anti-climax as the ‘heavies’ deny us access, or only to the sound check, or only one ticket etc etc!!


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