Hat Trick!

To complete a hat-trick of musical promo shoots I was also asked to shoot the new Roland GR-55 guitar synth. This synth is in a different class (for those that know about it) and as a product shot, looks like the dogs. I haven’t included the actual image they are going to use for promo purposes (as that would not be the done thing as it isn’t published yet!) but you get the idea of the synth with this one.

Shooting these things is always fraught with difficulty due to shiny surfaces and light reflection. What you hope will be a fairly straightforward job can in fact take hours as the perfectionist in you comes through and you can be seen gently nudging lighting rigs just to get the right bounce etc! It is all great fun but can be hugely time consuming….

My aim in this was to try to replicate a kinda ‘live’ feel given the one ‘spotlight’ and the rich back colour.

Roland GR-55

The amazing new GR-55


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3 Responses to Hat Trick!

  1. Pacha Photo says:

    Welcome to the wonderful (ly annoying) world of wordpress. 🙂
    You think tweaking lenses is tricky.
    Wait til you start tweaking these pages.

    Good to see you here buddy 😉

    • ellisimagery says:

      Hehe, yeah, I am starting to realise that things aren’t quite as straightforward as i thought! Hopefully make it as interesting as yours one day…….. are we seeing you next week in Bristol? X

  2. Pacha Photo says:

    Perhaps I might make it….if hell freezes over.
    Otherwise, probably not 🙂

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