Alex Hutchings

Alex Hutchings on location

These images were also taken for the Godin Ad campaign and feature an amazing guitarist, Alex Hutchings. The idea was to shoot several different styles to Alex that challenged both him and the brand. You will see from the site link that we did both studio and location shots – but the main advert was an attempt at a Charlie Chaplinesque theme with a Godin as a ‘cane’ instead of the real thing. Alex was brill and really played the part well.

The outdoor shots were taken up at Cherhill White Horse in Wiltshire. It is a helluva climb but we made it up there at sunset in deep Winter to grab the shots of Al looking rather too cool for his own good!! For the techies amongst you, we only lit him with the sun and a bare flash mounted off camera. We were deliberately trying to get some harsher shadows and contrast between the amazing landscape and Alex himself.

To see the whole set visit

Alex Hutchings Godin Advert

Alex Hutchings hams it up for Godin


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