Rainbow smile

This is dedicated to all those people in the world that fight and struggle with all forms of depression. Either on a regular basis, occasionally or only once in their lives. However people are affected, deep bouts or light ‘downs’, living and coping with it can be extremely debilitating. If the truth was told, we all suffer at some point with ‘little black clouds’ following us around.

This image is my attempt, inspired by the Stereophonics’, Maybe Tomorrow track to make my small comment.

I remember times in my life when regardless of how I felt, I went out into the world and wore my ‘rainbow smile’. Sometimes, I tried to ‘buy’ happiness, maybe alcohol, maybe a physical object, maybe another kind of false tonic. I may have felt mildly better, for a time, but then I ended up alone with my thoughts.

Mental illness is simply awful. Appearances deceive, help is limited and most of us try to power on through. We try to bury it deep inside, soldier on and sometimes we get lucky, altering some things in our lives which helps to heal the wounds.

Maybe tomorrow I might feel better if I can just (rainbow) smile my way through today.

Big love to all


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Dance along the light of day

I met the lovely Roswell Ivory a couple of weeks ago here in Wiltshire. We had some pre-shoot comms about what I’d like to try to complete during our 3 hours working together.

When I picked her up we chatted more and both the shots we completed ended up being different from the ideas I had in my head.

This one was always going to be interesting as it’s about a girl who’s gone away travelling to discover herself and the world, leaving a boyfriend behind at home. He’s now wondering if she still loves him now she’s realised some of her dreams.

Capturing this was hard enough, editing it in a way that evoked what I wanted it to was even harder. I tried several different edits, a couple (as is often the case!) I laughed at a day later and hit the delete key but this developed over a few days of adjusting, building, moving and developing. The final edit is a little more ‘polished’ but this is near enough!

She’s returned from her “stay on the moon” and is free, more relaxed and ultimately more knowing. Whether thats a good thing for our writer is a different matter…

Thanks to Train and “Drops of Jupiter” for the inspiration, thanks to Roswell for her patience and stickability despite howling winds, a freezing location and intermittent heavy downpours!


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To crack a nut!

With all the election hype and Trump silliness I thought it’d be a good idea to lighten the mood a bit.

This was shot a couple of weeks ago with the lovely Avant Garde again. I’d had this idea to show how we’re happy to compromise with the right person and Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer gave me the excuse to indulge. My original thought was to have Jade in various uniforms (Fire Fighter, Police, Army etc) but I think this works so much better. Jade’s capacity to become a different character for each look was incredible and we had a good laugh completing the complicated process!


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Spanish Dancer

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Avant Garde last week on a couple of ideas. The first was this one, inspired by the Counting Crows classic, Mr Jones. 

After playing around with lighting and various poses, we settled for something like this. The charming Avant is a ballet dancer, burlesque performer, make-up brand owning professional therapist. In fact there isn’t much she isn’t doing currently! So striking various ‘spanish’ dance looks wasn’t too taxing for her however, I loved the eye contact and confidence of this shot.

The eagle eyed among you will also notice a couple of other references to the song in the final picture.

Mr Jones is about two guys doing what I used to do a lot. Going to see a band and then hanging out getting drunk and talking about our hopes and dreams for the future. Fantasising that one day we’d be famous, popular and attractive, whats not to like?

As a footnote, Adam Duritz, The Crow’s songwriter, references a girl called ‘Maria’ in a few of his songs across different albums and nobody knows who she is. I think she’s his non-existent dream girl but it’d be ace if she was real!


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Wood Perch

Another from a shoot in a nearby woodland. This was an impromptu shot and the idea was easier to execute than the reality. Soria first had to get up onto the log which was a good 4′ off the ground and then balance while adopting different poses on a slippery and uncomfortable top! Full marks to her for persistence and grit.


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Lapland Twist

There nothing remarkable about these two pictures of a snowy Lapland in Finland at the beginning of the year. However, there are two mildly interesting facts about these images.

The first is that despite both looking totally ‘normal’ they are in fact shot at the dead of night. If you look carefully there are stars twinkling through in the blue sky and there’s a yellow glow of town lights on the left of the first one.

The second point is a more personal one. The shot of the car belies the fact it was parked on at least two feet of lying snow. This was fine until we tried to reverse onto the narrow track. The wheels sank and we were left rocking aimlessly back and forwards for a few minutes trying to gain some traction, imagining knocking on a local’s door to try to locate a tractor to pull us out! Despite it being a Volvo 4×4 we were well and truly stuck there for a while!



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Shot in Finland


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